64bit (max) digital I/O boards that process images and data at super high-speed.

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Digital I/O boards that interface the target and PC at super high-speed


  • Signal level: LVDS serial
  • Bit span: 8/16/32/64bit
  • Maximum Input: 64bit x 66MHz(4.2Gbps,528MB/sec)
  • Maximum Output: 64bit x 66MHz(4.2Gbps,528MB/sec)
  • Maximum Capacity: 2GB x 1 bank or 1GB x 2 banks


By loading this product onto your PC, it allows you to construct a high-speed data logger and a pattern generator with a maximum input/output of 64bit*66MHz(4.2Gbps,528MB/sec)The board is loaded with a SDRAM controller which directly inputs/outputs with the user target and allows for 2GB x 1 bank or 1GB x 2 bank data I/O. Therefore, during data I/O, the operating system never stands between it, and we ensure no careless/uninterrupted and stable operation.

List of Interfaces

List of Optional Devices

Driver & Library for Windows

GP4-Win(for GPIO-4500)

Includes Device driver, DLL, Control library (VC++Sample)

Connection cables

Cables for connecting DataSPIGOT series with user target


GPIO-4500 SDCL-I64/O64, DX30AM-68P connectors on both ends, Length: 3m

Exclusive Computers

We create a computer built-to-order for customers.? We integrate DataSPIGOT series, check its performance, and then ship them.

Compatible Fields

  • Sensing Device related: CMOS Sensors/Medical Sensors/Sonar etc.
  • Device related: DAC/Semiconductor Manufacturing Apparatus etc.
  • Radio/Data stream related:TV broadcasting/GPS/cable communication/mobile communication/cell phones etc.
  • Video related: Codec/Image quality improvement/tune-peripheral
  • Others: military use/automobiles/environmental measurement


Signal Level LVDS Serial
Buffer Implemented in the add-on board
Connector Hirose Electric: DX10BM-68S
when SDCL-I64,SDCL-O64 is installed
Bit span 8/16/32/64bit
Maximum input 66MHz
Maximum output 66MHz
Maximum capacity/Data storage location 2GB/SDRAM
Add-on compatibility Yes (SDCL-I64,SDCL-O64 can be installed)
Plug compatibility Hirose Electric: DX30AM-68P
Dimensions/Weight 106.68*312mm(PCI Full size) Kg
Temperature/Humidity when ON 0-40C/20-80%(non-condensing)
Preservation Temperature/Humidity -20-40C/20-60%(non-condensing)
Electrical Consumption PCI: +5V,0.6A(Typical)
MTBF rate -
RoHS Compatibility No
Compatible Operating Systems Windows 2000/XP
Remarks -