32bit digital I/O boards that process images and data at high-speed.

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Digital I/O boards that interface the target and PC at high-speed


  • Signal Level: LVTTL,LVDS/LVDS Serial(Optional)
  • Bit Span: 8/16/32bit
  • Maximum Input: 32bit x 60MHz(1.92GHz,240MB/sec)*1
  • Maximum Output: 32bit x 50MHz(1.6Gbps,200MB/sec)*1
  • Maximum Capacity: 1.2GB *2


By loading this product onto your PC, it allows you to construct a high-speed data logger with a maximum input 32bit x 60MHz(1.92GHz,240MB/sec)*1 as well as a patter generator with a maximum output 32bit x 50MHz(1.6Gbps,200MB/sec)*1. The board is loaded with a DMA Controller which directly inputs/outputs with the user target, as well as input/output of the PC main memory.
*1 When loaded with a 32bit/66MHzPCI bus or 32bit/33MHzPCI, maximum input is 32bit*30MHz (960Mbps,120MB/sec), and maximum output is 32bit*25MHz (800Mbps,100MB/sec).
However, depending on the nature of computer such as its operating system or components, it may not show maximum efficiency.
*2 When the operating system is Windows 2000 or Windows XP, it is about 700MB However, depending on the nature of computer such as its operating system or components, it may not show maximum efficiency.

List of Interfaces

List of optional devices

Driver & Library for Windows


Includes Device driver, DLL, Control library (VC++Sample)

Connection Cables

Cables for connecting DataSPIGOT series with user target


for GPIO-2200,GP2/GP5-LVDS-IO32, DX30AM-80P connectors on both ends, length: 1m


For GPIO-2200, GP2/GP5-LVDS-IO32, DX30AM-80P connector on one end, length: 1m

Exclusive Computers

We create a computer built-to-order for customers.? We integrate DataSPIGOT series, check its performance, and then ship them.

Compatible Fields

  • Sensing Device related: CMOS Sensors/Medical Sensors/Sonar etc.
  • Device related: DAC/Semiconductor Manufacturing Apparatus etc.
  • Radio/Data stream related:TV broadcasting/GPS/cable communication/mobile communication/cell phones etc.
  • Video related:Codec/Image quality improvement/tune-peripheral
  • Others: military use/automobiles/environmental measurement


Signal Level LVTTL
LVDS/LVDSSerial (optional)
Buffer TI SN74ALVTH16245
Connector Hirose Electric:DX10BM-80S
Bit span 8/16/32bit
Maximum input For 32bit x 66MHzPCI:60MHz(1.92Gbps,240MB/sec)
For 32bit x 33MHzPCI:30MHz(690Mbps,120MB/sec)
Maximum output For 32bit x 66MHzPCI:50MHz(1.6Gbps,200MB/sec)
For 32bit x 33MHzPCI:25MHz(800Mbps,100MB/sec)
Maximum capacity/Data storage location For Windows2000:1.2GB/PC Memory
For Windows XP:700MB/PC Memory
Add-on compatibility Yes (Can load GP2-LVDS-IO32,CLINK-IO32)
Plug compatibility Hirose Electric:DX30AM-80P
Dimensions/Weight 106.68 x 167.64mm(PCI half size) 105Kg
Temperature/Humidity when ON 0-40C/20-80%(non-condensing)
Preservation temperature/Humidity 20-40C/20-60%(non-condensing)
Electrical Consumption 500mA
MTBF Rate -
RoHS Compatibility Yes
Compatible Operating Systems Windows2000/XP
Remarks GPIO-2205 is the GPIO-2200 without the exterior connector.