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PCI or PCI-X Bus


  • Camera Link, Base Configuration (8bit x 2TAP / 10bit x 2TAP / RGB each 8bit)
  • Other IPM-8530/40/60 series & Driver/Library compatible
  • Pixel Clock Frequency Range at 85MHz Max
  • Acquire data at Average 240MB/sec rate
  • Large Capacity Frame Buffer of 2GB (Exporting data to PC main memory)
  • Synchronous/Acquirement Control compatible
  • PCI Express compatible
  • Compatible with 32bit 66MHz PCI Bus High-Speed transfer (3.3V/5V, PCI 32bit 66MHz, PCI-X Slot)
  • Low Profile PCI compatible
  • CE Marking/RoHS Compatible
  • Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/XP Professional x 64 Edition, RedHat Enterprise Linux V4
  • Compatible with modified model-specific FPGAs


IPM-8531CL-B is a Camera Link compatible, Base Configuration, Image Input Board. It captures image signals from a Camera Link compatible area camera or line camera to PC main memory. In order to meet a global trend of Environment-friendly consciousness, it is a RoHS compatible product. This board is upward compatible with its predecessor IPM-8530CL-B.
IPM-8531CL-B is for Base Configuration Camera Link cameras and compatible with 32 bit/66MHz PCI Bus, thus users can acquire data at an average rate of 240MB/sec. Furthermore, Pixel Clock Frequency Range increases to 85MHz, which enables inexpensive Base Configuration Camera Link camera to be compatible with this product.
In addition, IPM-8531 series software is upward compatible with its predecessor IPM-8530/40/60 series software, supports 64bit OS, and can fully utilize more than the 4GB available onboard physical memory designed into the PC, as the DMA controller expands physical memory (Note: Memory functioning as a Frame Buffer is limited to 2GB).
Furthermore, as a part of Safety Standard, it is a CE certified product, removing any such concern for users.