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PCIExpress 4lane


  • Camera Link, Full Configuration (8bit x 8TAP / 8bit x 10TAP)
  • Other IPM-8530/40/60 series & Driver/Library compatible
  • Pixel Clock Frequency Range at 85MHz Max
  • Acquire data at Max 640MB/sec rate
  • Large Capacity Frame Buffer of 16GBL (Exporting data to PC main memory)
  • PCI Express 4 Lane compatible
  • 64 MB Onboard memory
  • PoCL Base x 2 ch compatible (Optional)
  • CE Marking/RoHS Compatible
  • Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/XP Professional x 64 Edition, RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • Compatible with modified model-specific FPGAs


IPM-8580CL-F is PCI Express 4 Lane compatible, and is manufactured as a successor to the IPM-8531CL-F. It is suspected that rapid development of PCI Express will cause shortage for motherboards that are compatible with PCI 64bit/PCI-X Bus, resulting in higher cost. IPM-8580CL-M features the latest CPU, large memory capability, and PCI Express compatible so that you can use the latest motherboard, with no risk of short supply.
IPM-8580CL-F has successfully improved the image acquisition functionality of 400MB/sec, predecessor IPM-8531CL-F by 1.6 times, resulting in an improved rate of 640MB/sec. Acquisition memory size has also been enhanced by 4 times, to 16GB (With an optional device, up to 64GB). Onboard memory is installed with 64MB of DDL-SDRAM, which can be used for re-arrangement of Image Data Buffer/TAP and Image processing.
In addition, it is implemented with DIPSW for Board ID. With this, users can set up individual board ID for recognition. Also the boars is optionally PoCL compatible.