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PCI Express 4lane


  • Camera Link, Medium Configuration (10bit x 4TAP / RGB Each 12bit), or Base x 2 ch (camera units) synchronous/asynchronous supported
  • Other IPM-8530/40/60 series & Driver/Library compatible
  • Pixel Clock Frequency Range at 85MHz Max
  • Acquire data at Max 640MB/sec rate
  • Large Capacity Frame Buffer of 16GBL (Exporting data to PC main memory)
  • PCI Express 4 Lane compatible
  • 64 MB Onboard memory
  • PoCL Base x 2 ch compatible (Optional)
  • CE Marking/RoHS Compliance
  • Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/XP Professional x 64 Edition, RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • Compatible with modified model-specific FPGAs


IPM-8580CL-M is PCI Express 4 Lane compatible, and is manufactured as a successor to the IPM-8531CL-F. It is suspected that rapid development of PCI Express will cause shortage for motherboards that are compatible with PCI 64bit/PCI-X Bus, resulting in higher cost. IPM-8580CL-M features the latest CPU, large memory capability, and PCI Express compatible so that you can use the latest motherboard, with no risk of short supply.