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The IPM series compatible, Image Processing Library Software


Simple (SIMPLE: Software Image Processing Library Edition) is an Image Processing Library that has versatile Image Processing functionalities such as a wide range of filters and morphological operation, as well as the latest technology, including template-matching and scale-free graphic matching functionality.

This is a lower range of Library, compatible with the IPM series, enables users to compare the execution processing speed and detection accuracy of two images, one using the standard Image Processing device and one using SIMPLE, and choose different portions offering better results. SIMPLE is also installed with a sample application of man-machine Image Processing Evaluation. Thus, users can easily convert the sample application to develop an own Image Processing system.

The current version contains a basic Image Processing Library, but it is available at low cost, and provides users with a free*1 of charge runtime license, making this product one of the most cost-effective libraries.

*1 IPM series is required.

Many PC machine vision Image Processing Libraries speed up its processing time by applying MultiMedia eXtention*2 , from the PC CPU Extended Instruction Set. SIMPLE, as its name implies, is developed to simplify the Image Processing Algorithm itself; therefore, regardless of the MMX instruction installed, SIMPLE performs at an equivalent level as, or higher level than, the Image Processing Library with MMX Instruction. In addition, SIMPLE can also be incorporated into either a Non-PC CPU DSP, or an SH Microcomputer *3, neither of which support MMX.

*2:MMX Instruction Multi
Media eXtension
*3:Please contact our Sales department


[Specification] CPU: Xeon 2.8GHz
Memory: 2GB

[Applied Screen Data] 1628x1236: Monochrome 8 bit

Before After
Gray Screen Sobel Filter 5x5

Before After
Gray Screen Laplacian Filter 5x5

Before After
Gray Screen Close_Gray
8 Proximity Juncture: Processing Times: 5 times)

Before After
Gray Screen Median Filter 9x9

Before After
Binary Format Image Open_Bin
(8 Proximity Juncture: Processing Times: 2 times)

Before After
Binary Format Image Labeling_16bit
(4 Proximity Juncture)


Main Function

Basic Image Processing
LUT Create (yConversion, False Color), LUT conversion
------- Color Space Conversion (RGB-YCbCr.XYZ.Lab.HSL.HLSetc)
------- Image Arithmetic processing (Logic.Arithmetic.Range.Fix.etc)
------- 2 screen Image arithmetic (Logic.Arithmetic.Range.Fix.etc)
------- Drawing, Image Rotation, Shift, Copy, Re-size, Enlarge/Reduce

Filtering Process
------- Universal Convolution (3 x 3.5 x 5 etc)
------- 1st Gradient Filter (Forsen.Sobel.Prewitt)
------- 2nd Gradient Filter (Laplacian)
------- Gray Filter (Max, Min, Med, Ave)
------- Planarized/Sharpening Filter
------- Other (Circle Ave, Range, Gaussian, Rank)
Morphology Process
------- Gray Expansion/Contraction (4 proximity, 8 proximity, Euclidean Space)
------- Gray Open/Close (4 proximity, 8 proximity, Euclidean Space)
------- Binary Expansion/Contraction (4 proximity, 8 proximity, Euclidean Space)
------- Binary Open/Close (4 proximity, 8 proximity, Euclidean Space)

Binary Process
--- ------- Binary Processing (Binarize.P-Type.DffFreqMax)
------- Dither Processing (Monochrome Binary, Monochrome Hexidecimal, Color Hexidecimal)
  • Quantization (Equal Width, Equal Frequency, K-means
------- Shading Compensation)
------- Labeling (16 bit compatible, 4 proximity, 8 proximity, Hole plugging Process, Multivalued)
------- Thinning Process (Hilditch Means, High-Speed Original Means)
------- Distance Transform, Skelton, Boundary, Vectorization

Feature Extraction
--- ------- Envelop Point Extraction, Dent Extraction
------- Dimension, Barycenter, 2nd Moment, Fillet Radius, Maximum Length, Maximum Directional width
    • Minimum Width, Hole Quantity, Boundary Length, Circular Degree, Complexity
------- Graphic Statistical Information (Concentration Summation, Concentration Average, Standard Deviation, Distribution, etc)
------- Color Region Extraction, Color Region Calculation
------- Histogram (Calculation, Standardization, Smoothing, Statistical Information Calculation)
------- XY Directional Concentration Projection, Edge Position Detection)

Search Process
--- ------- Template Creation
------- Template Matching Search (Size Fix, Angle Fix)
------- Template Matching Value Calculation
------- Canonical Inter Correlation Value Calculation
------- Canonical Inter Correlation Search (Size Fix, Angle Fix)
------- Graphic Matching Search (Size Free, Angle Free)