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MACH-REC is a data recording system which records 4K uncompressed data using removable recording media.The memory magazine (BigMAG) has 6.4 Gbps (800MByte/sec) of readable & writable performance. MACH-REC records movies which are recorded by 4K cameras, 4K-3D cameras, and high-speed cameras and can be connected to 4K displays for video playback.

A 512GByte memory magazine records approx. 11 minutes of 4K Raw12bit 60fps, 4K Raw12bit 30fps 2ch(3D) video. In addition, multiple MACH-REC's can be used simultaneously when connected to a high speed camera or similar equipment.
External I/O units work as a “bridge” which converts from HD-SDI, DVI,CameraLink , etc. to MACH-REC’s original format and visa versa. 10Gbps I/O is also possible with fiber optic cable (AOC 100m/333ft.).


  • Compact & Lightweight (Current design: W: 172mm/6.77inch D: 191mm/7.52inch H: 81mm/3.19inch, 2Kg/4.4pounds)
  • Battery-powered for professional use
  • Controllable with your iPad
  • External I/O unit options to support a wide variety of video interfaces

System configuration

MACH-REC Specifications

External 10Gbps I/O connect to standard interface bridges

External I/O Units