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Image Evaluation Software for Image Sensor Products

Features of the Software

The PixelLAB can allow to control CIS using I2C or SPI for purposes of CIS controls and of evaluation for images. And they can capture graphic data read out from CIS into PC, display, analyze, and file data. Motion pictures can be saved as AVI files.

Framework of the Software

Image Evaluation Software



For application of image evaluation, the PixelLAB

An application software, called the PixelLAB can control any registers for image sensor products, display real-time monitors with PC, compile/analyze motion pictures, and file data.



Specifications for Software

Product Name
Application for Image-Evaluation System
Model Name
Pixel LAB
Application Software with drivers to generate images
Supported Operating-System
WindowsXP/Vista(64bit OS to be determined)


Other Softwares

For application of manufacturing-inspection, the PixelLAB for Factory

The software helps with manufacturing inspections and improves such efficiency.



Customization of GUI development

Graphin can support, customize, and build GUI as per required specifications.


・Auto Luminance Control
・Auto White Balance
・Color YUV Matrix
・Edge Enhancement
・Lenz Shading
・and more